Mindset & Business Coach

Anders denken is anders doen, wat doe jij?

Transformeer jezelf en je business

Ben jij gemotiveerd, slim en leg je de lat hoog? Kun jij je goed aanpassen en inleven in anderen? Denk je wel eens dat er meer inzit? Dat je niet doet wat je eigenlijk wilt? Ben je op zoek naar een oplossing, maar kom je steeds in dezelfde situatie terecht?


Gentle yet sharp questions

Mark is very gentle and kind coaching professional. He created a safe space for coaching and sharing fears or limiting beliefs that we create from our experiences. In this safe enviroment I was able to share my experience and thoughts. Mark with gentle yet sharp questions got me to realize useful insights to keep on going through my blocking issues without losing long term perspective.

Carlos Kamiya

Outstanding coach

Mark & I have been working together in a coaching program for about 9 weeks now. During that time we made it a point to connect at least once a week over a zoom call to support each other and hold each other accountable.

It is a great experience as I find Mark very warm, supportive, intuitive and empathic when it comes to helping me through my blockages and limiting beliefs. I would recommend Mark to anyone who would like to work with an outstanding coach who will give you their full undivided attention.

Nareman Elmagboul

Get answers to questions in an unexpected way

Quimpro is Quantum! It gives you the means to discover yourself and work with everything that is possible in life with your personal qualities. The best part is that you get answers to questions in an unexpected way, almost magically!

Hector Recinos